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What Do Life Insurance Brokers in Florida Do?

"We facilitate checks when needed most!"

You see we’re not in the business of sales; we’re in the business of providing peace of mind. Obviously, you need to buy something from us but what you’re buying is something that we won’t really know what type of impact will have on you, your loved ones or maybe your business.

Here in Miami, we spend our days talking to individuals, families, and small business owners about how they can prepare for their future. No one knows what the future might bring but we can have peace of mind knowing that many things will be covered by owning life insurance.

Most of our job is educational in nature, defining terms and explaining benefits so that people can make an informed decision.


We call this our 3-D Process:

We represent many companies as we believe in working for the client and not just one carrier. Your needs, health and budget are not the same as your neighbor, spouse, or friend. Therefore, one size fits all does not apply here.  

When you work with one of our agents at MALM Life & Health Insurance Agency you’ll see the difference. We do things virtually, either over the phone, screen share or video chat. So you can be anywhere in Florida whether that is Orlando, Downtown, Jacksonville, Doral, or any other city. Let’s update this industry and do things in a modern way. Get started today

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Lorena Tomasini
Hello! I've been in the life and health insurance industry for over 10 years. Together with my mom, we run an insurance agency to inform individuals, families and small business owners about the power of life and health insurance. Hope these articles give you a different perspective.

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