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Protect your families' financial future

If we all had a magic eight ball to know what the future would bring that would be great. But we don't that's why we should plan ahead for the unexpected.

Protect your pocket from medical expenses

I don't know about you, but I run into tables and chairs all the time! Talk to me about protecting your pocket from unexpected medical expenses.

Protect your lifestyle in case of illness

We all know someone who's gone through a critical illness. Thankfully, they probably survived but not so much financially. Ask me how you can protect your lifestyle.

Protect your home for generation to come

Nope not talking about homeowners insurance. Instead, how will your family stay in the residence if something happens to you? Ask me about mortgage protection.

Life Insurance in Florida

Term life insurance for individuals, families and small businesses. This type of life insurance provides temporary protection to cover a specific need if something happens. Here are a few examples of how term insurance can be used: 

Most policies last for 10-30 years depending on the amount of years chosen and the need. Ask about return of premium, this can be added to some policies so at the end of the term (10-30 years) you get your money back if nothing happened. 

Many of these policies can include living benefits which can provide you with money in case of a critical or chronic illness. 

Permanent life insurance is just how it sounds. Insurance that will last your entire lifetime. These usually last until age 100 or age 120. They have many different uses. Here are a few examples : 

  • Supplement income for retirement
  • College planning
  • Accelerating mortgage payments
  • Having peace of mind that your family will be taken care of
  • Buying machinery for a business
  • Starting a business
These permanent policies are sometimes known as “cash value” policies because as the years pass by it can create a substantial amount of funds that can be accessed for many purposes. 

Many of these policies can include living benefits which can provide you with money in case of a critical or chronic illness.

This type of policy is mainly for people between the ages of 50-85 looking to cover their final expenses. This is to used to cover the following needs: 

  • Burial/Cremation expenses
  • Unpaid credit cards
  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Leave an inheritance

The great things about these final expense policies in Florida is that many don’t require medical exams and the medical quiestions are very limited. Some have no medical question life insurance available. 

Health Insurance in Florida

Health Insurance, is there to protect your pocket from a medical situation. Instead, of you paying all the bills on your own, with health insurance you transfer the burden to the insurance company instead. 

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain the differences in plans and the deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket maximums and how these affect your coverage. 

Looking for group health insurance in Florida? Send us an email to get started. We’ll have a group health insurance quote ready for you in minutes not days! Easy online process for you and your employees.

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