Life Insurance Magical Powers

Magical Powers of Life Insurance

Have you always wanted to be a superhero? Maybe you used to think you were superman jumping off the sofa or are really into these comic book characters. Chances are we’ll never get to have laser shooting eyes, shoot webs or have a super powerful hammer. However, there is another way to be a hero for yourself, your family or small business with the magical power of life insurance which turns the intangible into tangible.

Life insurance is considered an intangible product because it’s not really something you can touch, feel and get all happy about looking at. It’s just a bunch of papers and a signature but this might be the most important signature ever. It has magical powers. 

Here are some of the magical powers :

·      Writes your family a check at time of passing

·      Writes you a check when a critical illness happens (cancer, heart attack, stroke among others)

·      Writes you a check for chronic illness

·      Writes you a check at retirement*

·      Writes you a check for a down payment*

·      Writes a check to a grandchild at time of your passing

·      Writes a check to a niece/nephew at time of your passing

Writes a check to your favorite charity at time of passing 

These are just a few examples of the magic of life insurance. I’m sure you can think of some other ones as well. Maybe you’ve been impacted positively by this power before or you know firsthand what it means to not have this power. 

Life insurance is there to step in and provide that financial peace of mind when needed the most. With the stroke of your pen (or e-signature) you have the power to change things financially for generations to come. It’s a gift of love for you, your family members or business. You can finally be that super hero. 

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Lorena Tomasini
Hello! I've been in the life and health insurance industry for over 10 years. Together with my mom, we run an insurance agency to inform individuals, families and small business owners about the power of life and health insurance. Hope these articles give you a different perspective.

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