Entrepreneurs / Self-employed and their need for life insurance

Living in Miami, Florida it feels sometimes like many are entrepreneurs or self-employed. Many like to live that #laptoplifestyle just working from anywhere. 

That could be from a home office, co-working space or even a local coffee shop. The types of industries can be anything from sales, digital media, online shops, web designers, programmers, and many other things. Perhaps you don’t fit into these industries, please leave a comment below to know what industry you’re in. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it’s like to wear so many hats. I have a hat for marketing, one for sales, another one for tech support,  one for human resources and one more for that never-ending to-do list of things in between. 

Seems like we do a lot, to work on our terms. One important thing we might be overlooking is the importance of life insurance and our business. 

You see, life insurance can be used for many things, not just at someones passing. 

Here are some examples of why entrepreneurs need life insurance : 

There might be different ways of going about doing these things. Perhaps with a term policy or a permanent policy. Each situation is different. Let us help you define and discover what the best solution is for your situation. 

This is a good way of thinking outside the box and you don’t have to do everything, that’s why we’re here. 

As you can see, life insurance can be there at every step of the way as your business grows. 

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Lorena Tomasini
Hello! I've been in the life and health insurance industry for over 10 years. Together with my mom, we run an insurance agency to inform individuals, families and small business owners about the power of life and health insurance. Hope these articles give you a different perspective.

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