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Learn about life insurance florida! Answers to common questions such as : difference between term life insurance and permanent life insurance, living benefits, final expense, mortgage protection.

Discount Plans in Miami, Broward Learn more about a discount plan available in Miami & Broward. This is an option
Plan De Descuento en Miami, Broward Conozca más sobre un plan de descuento disponible en Miami y Broward. Opciones para
Como ordenar medicinas sin recetas! Muchos de ustedes me preguntan, Lorena y como hago para pedir esas medicinas sin recetas.
Se quedo fuera del seguro medico? Ahora tiene una segunda oportunidad. Llámenos al 786-236-1792
Special enrollment period for health insurance beginning 02/15 for those that missed out on open enrollment. Contact us at 786-236-1792
Coronavirus and Health Insurance
Learn about your health insurance and COVID-19. Make an informed decision if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Stay safe.
Coronavirus and Health Insurance
Conozca sus opciones con el Coronavirus y su seguro medico en Florida.
Are you single? 💃🕺 Don't have kids? Only your dog/cat depends on you 🐕‍🦺 🐈 I made a video just
Permanent life insurance vs term life insurance
What is the difference between term life and insurance and permanent life insurance in Florida?
Florida life insurance
Life insurance without a medical exam in Florida. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of these types of policies.
Living Benefits life insurance
Life insurance with living benefits is there when needed the most. It can pay for bills, expenses, income and much
Helped consumers enroll in health insurance
Lorena Tomasini recognized with helping consumers with qualified health coverage [Miami, FL] – Lorena Tomasini has been recognized for her
Life Insurance Magical Powers
Have you always wanted to be a superhero? Maybe you used to think you were superman jumping off the sofa
Living in Miami, Florida it feels sometimes like many are entrepreneurs or self-employed. Many like to live that #laptoplifestyle just
Miami Life Insurance
"We facilitate checks when needed most!" You see we’re not in the business of sales; we’re in the business of
I always joke around with my clients that having high blood pressure is a side-effect of living in Miami. Between
Baby Boomers and Life Insurance
Baby boomers? With all this talk about baby boomers, generation x, generation y and millennials sometimes we can forget which
Mortgage Protection in Florida
Banks protect themselves. Are you doing the same with mortgage protection? Congratulations on that new home purchase! You've accomplished
Indexed Universal Life
With all the uncertainties in the market, social security and other sources you might be thinking of things to do
Health Insurance
Are you doing a staycation? You know, when you're taking vacation but actually staying home. Many people do this as
Life Insurance and Mickey mouse
In 1955 Walt Disney launched Disneyland in California. It is a smaller version of what us in Florida know of
Miami Traffic
Are you one of the many drivers stuck on the Palmetto, Turnpike or I-95? I know the feeling! Traffic in

Entrepreneurs / Self-employed and their need for life insurance

Living in Miami, Florida it feels sometimes like many are entrepreneurs or self-employed. Many like to live that #laptoplifestyle just working from anywhere. That could be from a home office, co-working space or even a local coffee shop. The types of industries can be anything from sales, digital media, online shops, web designers, programmers, and …

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