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Our 3-D Process

It's as easy as 1-2-3



In our first step, we will talk via phone or video chat to discuss and define what your needs and goals are. 



Once we’ve defined what you’re looking for it’s our turn to discover the best options for you. At this point you will receive a video quote in which we explain all the benefits.



After we discovered your options and you watched the video quotes, you will have the solutions in your hands to decide the best. At this stage you are ready to say Sign me up! We take it from there filling out the app with you.

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Our 3-D Process

Define ~ Discover ~ Decide
  • Step 1: Define

We gather some info

No two families are the same. In order to provide you with a personalized quote we need to gather some basic info. Don’t worry this isn’t 100 questions. This will help us know more about what you’re looking to protect.

We do this by phone or video chat. Whichever works best for you. To get started just fill out the form or schedule an appointment. 

Life Insurance with Living BenefitsMortgage ProtectionProtect my pocket from medical expensesProtect my lifestyleHelp me decide

We will not sell or give your information to any third-party. This is only to contact you. By submitting this form you understand that an agent from MALM Life and Health Insurance Agency will contact you either by phone or email to provide you with information. No purchase necessary.

  • Step 2: Discover

We shop and compare

After step 1 where we talked on the phone or maybe through video chat, we get to work by finding the companies and policies that best fit your needs. 

Unlike agents that only represent one company, we have options and work with your budget and need in mind. 

At this point, you will receive a personalized video quote so it’s just like being with us face-to-face where we explain all the benefits. Best of all, you get to watch this at your most convenient time, maybe in your pjs and a cup of coffee.


"I'm a busy professional and don't have much time for these things. MALM really helped making this easy. Their method is fantastic!"
Miami, FL
  • Step 3 Decide

Time to take action

After viewing the video quote and asking us any additional questions, you’ll have all the details you need to make an informed decision. Nothing happens unless you take action.

Life Insurance is a gift of love
With the stroke of a pen you have the power to change your family's finances for generations to come.